Hier siehst du mich Johanna Franziska in einem dunkelblauen Overall auf der Kommode meines Arbeitszimmer sitzend. Rechts neben mir ein kleines Segelboot. Ich blicke zuversichtlich aus dem Fenster und strahle ganz entspannt.

I was all light and joy, when I landed on this planet.
I belonged to my body, to mother earth and I was talking to the trees, to the water and any animal I met, when I was 5.

I learned about betrayal, the need to fit in and denying my true self, when I was 8 and had a tough time at school.
I learned about loss, when grieve and sorrow knocked me to my knees, when I was 12 and my mother died.
I learned about being nice and pretty, so I would never have to be alone again, until I turned 16.

I learned about acting and performing like a ray of sunshine, when I was hungry for life and never missed a party as a student around 24.
I learned about achieving and always worked beneath studying, so my family would be proud of me. I had two university degrees in my pocket until 30.
I learned about discrimination and that my gender always mattered in my workplace, no matter how much effort I made to not show any feelings at all around 34.

I learned about freedom, when I founded my own agency around 35.
I learned about surrounding to my feelings and I got to know my true self for the first time of my adult life around 38.
I learned about belonging to mother earth, to my body and to fully trust my intuition again around 40.

I learned about love when I met my partner around 41.
I learned about femininity and how strong and beautiful we women become, when we own our power around 44.
I learned about life, when I finally fell in love with myself around 48.

This June I turned 50 and I am light and shadows, joy and pain and everything in between.
I belong to my body, to mother earth and I am talking to the trees, the water and any animal I meet.

Life cracked my heart open.

And I guess this is truly how it’s meant to be. Therefore, my body can serve as a vessel of joy and love, because I befriended all kind of human feelings on my way. The joy and the pain, the light and the shadows, the love and the loss of loved ones. This is the journey of a pirate, and it has just began.

Foto: Daniela Adelberger-Schörghuber

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