Today I want to share something raw and beautiful with you. I choose to write this down in English, because as a matter of fact it´s not my mother tongue German but always English which pours out, whenever my soul talks to me.

I want to share with you something precious. May you receive it with an open heart and a mindful soul. Please consider to only comment and share my story when your intention is born out from compassion and love.

The birthday card my mother wrote to me when I was 12 years old, was a magic spell, my mother had for me. It said:

“I wish you the beauty and the freshness of a rose,
the lightness of a butterfly,
stay sprightly and spirited like a ladybird,
thoughtful like a snail,
persistent like a caterpillar.”

There was no birthday card for my thirteenth birthday. She passed away one month after her forty-sixth birthday. It took me many years to forgive her for leaving me alone in a world, which felt extremely cold and cruel without her warmth and love. She and me we were basically made out from the same stardust. She was an artist, a painter, a musician, a writer and a loving and caring mom. But it was only me, my dad and my siblings who were fortunate enough to read her stories, listen to her music and enjoy her art. For many years I abandoned the talents I inherited, but finally her magic spell reached out for me.

One day I sharpened my pencil and started writing and painting again, I started filming and expressed my dreams and vision and shared it with the world. Today I want to remind you, that no matter how you are feeling today, no matter in which situation you are right now, there is pure magic glimmering inside you, waiting for you to share it with us. And I want to encourage you to pour it out. Because what this world desperately needs are more people who are brave enough to live up to the extraordinary version, they were always meant to be.

I am forever grateful for the highest vision of me, my mother hold in her heart und put down in words. Because finally this is who I became.

photo: Daniela Adelberger-Schörghuber

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